The Devil’s 11

5th Aeon

The date was 11/11/11. For believers in numerology, the date held significant meaning and was seen by some as being a day of energy accumulation for the days ahead.  It is also seen as a bad omen by some, There were also mass weddings that day, for those who treated the date as a positive force for their future lives together. Rituals planned around the pyramids at Giza had to be turned away by the local authorities, as too many different groups all wanted to conduct their ceremonies at the same time that day. Even children born on the date are given significant media attention. These seemingly paltry and somewhat vague examples of numerical influence upon human behavior are only somewhat noteworthy to perhaps psychologists or social commentators.

However, there were other events that day. Events with a subtle effect upon our consciousness, perhaps altering the events in the days…

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