The Surreal Life (in the eyes of Ryohei Hase)

The Teddy Social

In recent days, we’ve spent some time getting re-addicted to Delicious. For those of you who don’t have an account, we suggest you get one! Over the years, Delicious has become a staple for finding inspiration, solving problems, and the simple enjoyment of discovering amazing new things.

The latest of our amazing discoveries are the Surreal Illustrations of Ryohei Hase.
There are many things that make this artist great (to say the least) but it’s his use of melancholy characters put in to a state of intense chaos that really got us. Feelings of depression, desperation, panic, vulnerability, grace and strength erupt from his images and we don’t mind one little bit… Bring it on Ryohei Hase!

For full-sized appreciation of this visionary artist, we recommend you visit his profile on DeviantART. For more information, visit Ryohei Hase’s Official Website.

– Teddy Romance

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