Ain’t Nothin’ I Love More Than a Good Composition

Things and Stuff about Things

(except maybe cheese)

You know when your eye is moving around a piece and everything feels fresh and natural? That’s called lookin’ at good art. I love it when artists play with composition, give your eyes a tour through the piece.  Give them some positive and negative space to focus and rest in. And while I appreciate pieces that are detailed and completely covered in a manic sort of way, I LOVE simple, beautiful pieces of work with room for my eyes to breathe in.  And that’s just what photographer Maurizio Strippoli provides.  A good sense of composition is essential for any photographer, but in Maurizios photos space plays center stage instead of subject. They feel breathy, light, and refreshing as he frames ordinary objects in a spectacular way.


ahhh god that last one is so good!

See Maurizios website here.

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