Bocci Design…


Some beautiful lighting product imagery at Bocci Design, a contemporary design and manufacturing house based in Vancouver, Canada, with a satellite company based in Berlin, Germany. View their site with image slider here.

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Esther Stocker


Black vs. white, volume vs. flat, chaos vs. order.
I consider my self  as a very methodical man (I am not “Rainman”) but I love things that are where they have to be. I think that every piece belongs to a place in time and location.
This Italian artist knows how to create chaos (stress) and put order back in it. When I am in any of her installations I have the need to move things around so all the parts are perfectly tidy, but then it is impossible for me to find another place for them. My conclusion is that if I can’t find a better place for them, then  they are in the right one, which means perfection…

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An Artistic Side of Denver

Blisters and Bunions

The second day in Colorado we spent in Denver. This city has a lot of character to it.  We drove around spotting tons of artistic building and blocks. I think we both have a secret passion for geometrical design and architecture. Denver has a good mix between new and old structures. Even though our images are more of the geometrical design and newer side of construction, this city still has a renaissance feel of the early 1900’s. On one of our passes in downtown Denver we spotted a little pizza joint call Sexy Pizza. We never did stop and eat there. Traffic was heavy and we were running out of time. But that just gives us a chance to try it next time. 😉

We even stopped in the Denver Botanical Gardens and had lunch. We HIGHLY recommend going to the Denver Botanical Garden. This was one of the better botanical gardens we’ve been too.


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Wheat and sparkling blue sky

channeling the abstract

One day many years ago, my husband and I were in a book store, Raven Used Books in Northampton, and I came across Peter Brown’s On the Plains,  a magnificent book of large photographs, all taken in middle and western America, of grand landscapes and spacious skies. It’s become one of my favorite books to dream to. The sprawling scenes of immense horizons, for some reason, calm my mind and make me smile.

Throughout the years, I’ve looked at these pictures and thought of doing a series of landscapes, bringing together the beautiful simplicity of land and sky.

Finally, it is the end of 2011 and I have just started this series: Where Earth Meets Sky. The difference with these paintings will be the omission of wax. I don’t want the surface texture to take away from the piece. The sky has many layers of smoothed gesso and then…

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