An Artistic Side of Denver

Blisters and Bunions

The second day in Colorado we spent in Denver. This city has a lot of character to it.  We drove around spotting tons of artistic building and blocks. I think we both have a secret passion for geometrical design and architecture. Denver has a good mix between new and old structures. Even though our images are more of the geometrical design and newer side of construction, this city still has a renaissance feel of the early 1900’s. On one of our passes in downtown Denver we spotted a little pizza joint call Sexy Pizza. We never did stop and eat there. Traffic was heavy and we were running out of time. But that just gives us a chance to try it next time. 😉

We even stopped in the Denver Botanical Gardens and had lunch. We HIGHLY recommend going to the Denver Botanical Garden. This was one of the better botanical gardens we’ve been too.


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