Brigitte Anne Hague


A Fine Art graduate from Norwich School of Art and Design, Brigitte specialises in large ‘one off’ original screen prints. Her vibrant works explore the use of colour, shape and mark to create mood, atmosphere and currents of energy. Brigitte’s work is essentially a poetic aesthetic, inviting the viewers to a sensory response. The work draws on Brigitte’s own life experiences.

“ My inspiration is drawn from wide-ranging sources – a response to my current environment, human relationships and memories of beautiful and seductive foreign locations. All are combined to produce works which embody complex subjective emotions, perceptions and sensations. Colour, shape and mark are juxtaposed to evoke space and current of energy, inviting the viewer to a sensory response.”

However, Brigitte believes the response to an artwork is an intensely personal experience and hopes that the viewer will find their own point of aesthetic contemplation, or emotional reflection.

Brigitte has sold to both corporate and individual clients and…

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