Brigitte Anne Hague


A Fine Art graduate from Norwich School of Art and Design, Brigitte specialises in large ‘one off’ original screen prints. Her vibrant works explore the use of colour, shape and mark to create mood, atmosphere and currents of energy. Brigitte’s work is essentially a poetic aesthetic, inviting the viewers to a sensory response. The work draws on Brigitte’s own life experiences.

“ My inspiration is drawn from wide-ranging sources – a response to my current environment, human relationships and memories of beautiful and seductive foreign locations. All are combined to produce works which embody complex subjective emotions, perceptions and sensations. Colour, shape and mark are juxtaposed to evoke space and current of energy, inviting the viewer to a sensory response.”

However, Brigitte believes the response to an artwork is an intensely personal experience and hopes that the viewer will find their own point of aesthetic contemplation, or emotional reflection.

Brigitte has sold to both corporate and individual clients and…

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Living the art…the begining of MoE

Roger Gregory

Living the Art

Molecules of Emotion (MoE) is my new project, an art project, which for me has become my “staff of life.” It is the means by which I stay in existence, my companion, my sounding board, my trusting voice. The start of my MoE’s goes back to 2008 the year  in which I self-destructed. The only thing I had left was my art!

” I am not a number “. 

Yes, we really are just a number, being processed by the state to be as productive for the state as possible. You can’t escape it. You are a “Prisoner” just like Patrick McGoohan’s character No.6  As prisoners we accept the routine and tug our forelock for our daily bread. I too was a prisoner who tried to escape, but only found myself as a prisoner in another world; a world of solitary confinement, deprived by weeks of sleeplessness, hallucinations, and a total loss of values.

“Time didn’t exist”


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Hans Emil Hansen aka Emil Nolde

Lauritzblog International

Hans Emil Hansen, born close to Tønder in the Prussian Duchy of Schleswig (now Denmark) in 1867. This could be anyone – the name doesn’t really strike any chords. But Emil Nolde – now this rings a bell. Emil Nolde (1867-1956) renamed himself after the village in which he was born, Nolde close to Tønder, and is one of Germany and Denmark’s great Expressionist artists from the first half of the 20th century.

Like many other artists he changed his name to enable him to make his way out in the world with his art. Nolde actually did not train as an artist at all, but as a woodcarver and designer in Flensburg. On completion of his studies he travelled a lot, including to such faraway places as Japan and China. Back in Europe he settled in Berlin in winter and on the island of Als off the Jutland…

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No Technique Doesn’t Have Its Place

This is the first blog for 2012 and we are so happy for this brand new year for new experiences in art.  This is a carving plaster clay sculpture. It was a cast block of plaster which took about two hours to set in a bucket. Then carved into an abstract form, which has enclosed negative openings going through it.  It has asymmetric in every direction and has at least two masses of different sizes.  The carving was the hardest thing to be done, then the edges were filed down to make them smooth.  Due to the shape of the sculpture is holds the water inside of the clay so the drying time is going on even while the carving is going on.  Once desired shape has been completed the sculpture is then brushed painted.  I used a white metallic  color but you can use any color you want.  The…

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Fashion a Life with more Creativity, Meaning and Fulfillment…Art Epicurean

Moxy Marketplace

Ten strategies for fashioning a life with more creativity, meaning and fulfillment.  Becoming an Art Epicurean.

First we must define what exactly an “Art Epicurean” is.  The definition of an Art Epicurean is one who strives to discover their creativity and  find balance while enjoying life’s everyday luxuries.  Someone who shares their passions and  creativity with the world…without the barriers of geography, culture, color or faith.  With a world filled with interesting people, places, experiences, cultures and endless possibilities to stimulating our five senses, we have an incredible journey to travel.  Epicureans grasp that sensuous pleasure is an important constituent of human happiness, but only when it is integrated with spiritual and ethical aspects, since all human experiences are essentially holistic spiritual-physical experiences. Although the modern terms “epicure” and “epicurean” imply self-indulgent hedonism, Epicurus advocated moderation and pointed out that over-indulgence of any kind results in pain and therefore…

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Visiting an Angel

Shady Gaff


Despite living less than ten miles away from the Angel of the North ever since it appeared in 1998, I had never actually taken the time to go and see it up close. I’d passed it countless times in cars, admired it from a distance and absent-mindedly accepted it as part of the local landscape. It became one of those many things that were on my doorstep that I was happy to claim as my own when it suited me, but I never bothered to experience first-hand. So, when I got the opportunity to visit it this week I jumped at the chance.

It is impressive up close, particularly the wing span which almost seems to defy the physical possibilities of the structure. It stands resolute, with a real sense of immovable permanence. The Angel’s sheer scale takes it out of the human world, yet it remains almost defensive…

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