The Absolutely Insane World of Italian Artist Claudio Parentela!

Give Us Art

Can an artist be both an outsider artist and a pop artist? I’m not sure. But Italian Artist Claudio Parentela‘s work certainly is a powerful argument that its possible! His website, full of mind blowing color and vaguely-nauseating movement shows his outsider-like, insane pop aesthetic just as much as his artwork. He’s a man who’s not afraid to be seen or heard. He is an avid art blogger –having no less than 10 art blogs himself — and very active in the European art community.  Not only is he a shameless self promoter (as all artist should be) he interviews other artists and seems to tirelessly crusades for art everywhere. He reminds me of a modern day Warhol.

Parentela’s artwork is part genius and part horror show.  As I scrolled through his gallery I found myself in a sort of trance.  The juxtaposition, the push and pull of beauty and ugly was rather compelling…

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