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Jan Fabre

Jillian In Italy

I don’t know why but the last few days I’ve been thinking about the Belgian artist Jan Fabre.  We went to see an exhibit of his at the Kroller Muller Museum in Holland last year and I still catch myself thinking about him and his art.  The exhibit that we saw was one with his jewel beetle pieces.  Paintings, sculptures and installation pieces were covered with these beetles.  At first glance you can’t even tell that it’sactual  beetle shells that are the medium he uses.  He actually did a mural of jewel beetles on the ceiling of the Royal Palace in Brussels (1.6 million were used).  His art definitely lingers in the mind for a very long time.

The famous jewel beetles.

The whole foreground is made of thousands of beetles.  The paintings in the back as well.

Beetle covered street lamp.

In the garden of the Kroller Muller Museum…

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Friday Faves: Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Artsy Forager

Perhaps it began with too many pre-teen viewings of Funny Face or Gigi.  Or maybe it was even earlier with The Aristocats.  For whatever reason, France in general and Paris in particular, have always been a source of fascination and inspiration to me, as it has to countless artists through the ages.  Recently, it seems as if Paris is just in the air.  So, today, mon chere Artsies, I bring to you a few of my recent Frenchy favorites.  Vive la France!

Be sure to check out the websites of my fellow Francophiles below.  Have a beautiful weekend, Artsies!

1.  Liz Lind 

2.  Lisa Abelson/ Dasken Designs 

3.  George Butler 

4.  Aaron Straup Cope; Pretty Maps available through 20×200.

Featured image is Le Petit Zinc by Irene Suchocki.  All images are via the artist’s websites unless otherwise stated.

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