Beautiful blue ice church is beautiful

Art's in the Right Place

I know pretty much nothing about the Sapporo Winter Festival (although it sounds like EXACTLY the sort of thing I would like to visit) and I know absolutely nothing about who built this. The Flickr user who posted the image (Enggul) has a similar level of knowledge and has vowed to read the labels on the sculptures next time!

I’m pretty sure it’s a church because of the cross detailing on the roof and I’m certain that it is (or rather *was* given the picture dates from 2008) very beautiful.

I hope you like it too.

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I’m more Magdalen than I am a Virgin


So, I have finally decided that I am ready to transition into a more structured, public blog. Of course, I will continue to use my micro-blog platforms as they make it easier to display more personal bursts of dribble but, I think it’s high time that I take myself seriously and let more people into my craft and my personal agendas. This next year or two will prove to be a time of great transition and beautiful change in my life. Change and transition that I have been waiting to embrace for a long time and, I’d like nothing more than to share it with everyone else.

I had planned to launch this blog earlier in the week but, I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of an adequate first-post-topic. I really wanted this blog to reflect my life as a Midwestern kid who merely took an educational and…

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The Big Cat’s Whiskers: Vintage Cat Decor


1. 1960′s Large scale Ceramic Leopards by Favaro Cecchetto, Italy.

2. Early 20th Century Brass Lion head motif  Fireguard made in the UK.

3. 1960′s French  Wooden Circus Lion plaque.

4. 1960′s Brass Tiger sculpture made in the UK.

5. 1950′s French Lion head motif Iron & Brass Etagere .

6. 1930′s Large scale ceramic Leopard designed & made in Italy.

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Let There be Light!

Zoltar Told Me

I love these Balloon Lights from Estiluz

I’m not sure they’d look good in just any old room, but the way they have it set
up in the picture is darling.  I also like the painted walls!

Have you ever tried color light therapy?  The thought is different colors can change your mood.  For example, green relaxes while red stimulates.  Now you can get a colored light therapy egg night light for every emotion!

How’d you like to wait at this traffic light in London?

Luckily it’s just a sculpture!

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