Interview with John Bell

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In looking at the works of John Bell, the first response that comes to mind is, “Wow.  This guy’s got something to say.”  His works are witty, edgy, perceptive, and captivating and offer an irreverent and honest appraisal of society.  His paintings continue the tradition of abstract art and merge it with popular culture and even science, particularly Einstein’s views about the universe.   Bell refers to his style as “Anthropological Expressionism,” a movement he started in 2003.

“I was playing off of the study of human societies and cultures and adding an ism. Playing with ideas and words similar to my working process, which combines elements from various styles of art, mixing in many different techniques and philosophies while commenting on current culture, which by some definitions is postmodernism. Maybe ‘postmodern mash-up artist’ would have been better. There are so many diverging opinions on the definition of postmodernism, I…

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One to Watch: Artist Troy Gua

Things to Cherish

I’m on a constant mission to decorate our condo and it’s rare that I can find pieces that I love that I can actually afford. Enter artist Troy Gua. I discovered Troy on last month (Fab is a wonderful design focused deal site full of accessible art). Troy’s Pop Hybrids immediately caught my eye and I snatched up half a dozen signed and numbered prints to sprinkle across the empty white walls in our living room. Each piece merges the images of famous and infamous icons to create a new masterpiece with visual and cerebral depth. I love the meaning behind each piece and the use of color. I can’t wait to see what Troy creates next. Try to guess the icons for each piece. The answer key is at the bottom of this post.

You can buy the prints on his website, but he only made…

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Eagle Dancer

Art Of The Day

And I heard that the Hopi believe the eagle can fly from the earthly sky straight into heaven and then return at will. Why would the eagle return?

 Please click on the image to enlarge it, or you won’t really see it.

Now you can own a print of this piece and many others, output on fine art paper or canvas. Visit my gallery at find out more.


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Another Art Order Challenge Revision

Billi French

I worked on coloring in my Art Order piece yesterday. This is the first time I have done something in all black and white first and then added color on top of the black and white. It made it much easier for making sure I had a good range of values. I think I really like this process better instead of going straight to color from a line sketch. Well, heres my color so far. I’ll probably continue working on it because I still have until Feb. 10th and I want it to look AWESOMEEE 🙂 Would love to hear thoughts if anyone has any?? Also, heres the link to the art order challenge in case you guys wanna see the latest updates

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