Interview with John Bell

Foster Art Program Blog

In looking at the works of John Bell, the first response that comes to mind is, “Wow.  This guy’s got something to say.”  His works are witty, edgy, perceptive, and captivating and offer an irreverent and honest appraisal of society.  His paintings continue the tradition of abstract art and merge it with popular culture and even science, particularly Einstein’s views about the universe.   Bell refers to his style as “Anthropological Expressionism,” a movement he started in 2003.

“I was playing off of the study of human societies and cultures and adding an ism. Playing with ideas and words similar to my working process, which combines elements from various styles of art, mixing in many different techniques and philosophies while commenting on current culture, which by some definitions is postmodernism. Maybe ‘postmodern mash-up artist’ would have been better. There are so many diverging opinions on the definition of postmodernism, I…

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