A blog is born



Sometime in 2009, I started thinking about creating a draw blog. A few things were in the way–a day job plus freelance work, and a novel, which I struggled to write in my cracks of between-time. After finally getting a solid draft of that book down, I’ve since reorganized my life to spend more time on what I love (drawing! writing!), so the time has come to finally unleash my sick and twisted visuals onto the interwebs.

My goal with this blog is to create at least one new image per week. I’ll likely include other scraps from whatever I’m working on and random musings about things I love: art, books, food, music, film, bicycling, and Boston Terriers.

For starters, I’ve decided to work on a series of drawings featuring fantastic animals. I’m currently finishing a collection of stories called Strange Beasts, so I figured I’d keep in…

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Lyrical Abstraction of the Day: Clyfford Still

Exiled Stardust

It began as asubgenre of Abstract Expressionism.  It was once a pejorative term but is now considered historically accurate.   It involves a turning away from hard geometric shapes and thinly applied paint toward curvilinear shapes and sensuously thick paint.

It’s called Lyrical Abstraction.  It’s what I do.   Here’s some work related to this genre from Clyfford Still, who was a friend and major influencer of Mark Rothko:

Photo above courtesy of my favorite museum in the world, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  You can see this painting there, on the second floor.

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