The Glow

Nae's Nest

She is the gold of the sun

The gleam in your eye

She is heaven on earth

She is a bird at flight

She is a skinned knee

A tear streaming down

A pouty tearful look

That breaks your heart down

She is the giggle of a tickle

The warmth of the sky

She is whip cream atop

A warm slice a pie

She dwells in my heart

She is every part of me

A memory of the past

She is my  history

She was Daddy’s little girl

Forever in his heart

She will always live on

Never to depart

Preserved in a time

Whatever the mood

Ready to visit

Never to soon

She hides in your heart

She dwells in your mind

Walking through memories

From time to time

Picking a past

A time of long ago

Giving you a memory

She is the glow

by Renee Robinson

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