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Day 12, Helsinki / Vantaa, January 21st 2012

A Travel and Tea Diary

Tea 12: Yunnan Green Oolong, Eeero’s house, Vantaa.

Today, after telling my host that I usually wake up reasonably early I, typically, didn’t wake up until 1130!  I still thought it was early, like 8 or something, so it was a shock to look at my watch.  It’s so peaceful and quiet here, and I think that the darkness has an impact too.  It’s not totally dark or anything, but you certainly notice the difference with the time that the sun comes up and goes down.  Days are pretty short.  And the snow is continuing to fall.

When I did eventually make it out I headed back into Helsinki on the train.  It was just after 2 when I arrived and I attempted to find a few of the galleries I have marked on my map.  I made it to the first, G18, and basically wasted €5 on an awfully…

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