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Taken before a concert at “The Building” in east Nashville, TN.

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:surreal #reading.S

:d white b[l]og



:I think is first time to share #illustrations on my blog but it’s just not possible to skip this beauty. I saw one illustration formQuint Buchholz and I just search to see if there are some other works from him in d network. not that thereare different drawings, illustrations from him, I succeed to make this collection of art works with book as main content, topic.



..here we go with d collection that I made specially for this blog post, but before that just to mention that he is born in Stolberg near Aachen in 1957 and grew up in Stuttgart. painter and illustrator from ’79 with over 30 books illustrated, internationally awarded, with unique style. soft, dreamy, colored with perfect esthetic. all at all interesting artist if u want to search for that besides this tries new forms,medias of expressions. enJoy ~



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Ah, the inevitable Valentine’s Day-related painting.

As a snarky lady with a highly… unsatisfying love life, I’m not a fan of making earnest, heartfelt, touching paintings. Paintings of people in love with no dark humor or clues that it won’t turn out well. Which is why whenever I get the urge to portray love, it turns out like this.

They’re brachiosauruses (brachiosauri?)! In love! They’re like the Jack and Rose of the dinosaur world.

I had so much fun making up their markings (loosely based on this guy) and coming up with letter designs. This was actually my second attempt at this painting; there’s a 1/4th finished version hanging around my workspace, still waiting to be thrown out. I’m glad the letters came out so well- it was very stressful, freehanding them without a sketch underneath to guide me.

Anyway, these lovely creatures will be in the “Hard Love”…

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