Painting: Container


So Friday, patternsthatconnect posted The Painting as Container, with instructions on how he did it, like a painter’s internet meme.  I thought the idea was so cool I did one myself:

Vertical spacer invisible gif
From patternsthatconnect:

The Rules:

  1. With diluted paint lay a light ground and leave to dry
  2. Pour paint of similar colour onto the ground and spread it by pushing with a brush from  the centre towards the edges of the canvas. Allow a shape to form, rather than delineating an outline. Then leave to dry.
  3. Pour other similar colours (in pairs of the same colour)  onto the new shape or secondary ground, again allowing them to form their own shapes, but not allowing them to spread beyond the boundaries of the secondary ground.
  4. Around the edge add a ‘frame’ of four different colours, one for each edge, one colour being the same as one in the painting and the…

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