Photography by Robert Hoeppner – Liquor sculptura


Quote  by the artist

” I started with this kind of high speed photography two months ago. Here I like to share some of my sculptures with you. Most of the pictures result in the collision of two or more water drops. The first one hits the water surface and due to the surface tension it pulls up a little tower. When the timing is right, the second drop hits that form and results in a Liquor sculptura.

All shapes seen on the pictures are captured as they are. The only kind of processing was color adjustment, croping and sharping. The Colors are completly done with the lightning ”


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Unbelievable, Unseasonal


So, here it is, the last day of January in Wisconsin, and the temperature is….53 degrees Fahrenheit?!

Global warming is no hoax.

One of my Nature in the Parks programs for tomorrow was postponed because parents felt that the first of February would be too cold to send their darling children outside for a field trip.  They re-scheduled for the 29th of February.  What do you want to bet that tomorrow will be about 20 degrees warmer than the temperature by the end of the month?  Of course, you never know.  But don’t you think kids are resilient enough to be allowed to go outside every day of the year?  They pull on their snow pants, and they’re as protected as if they were wearing bubble wrap!  And they love it!  They dive headlong into any accumulated snow just so that they can bounce back!

Today’s group at the Wehr…

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