manjež (mањеж) park is situated in the heart of belgradestreets

…edged by nemanjina, resavska, kralja milan and svetozara markovića, all themselves fascinating.

according to wikipediamањеж “derives its name from the French word manege (riding school) from the Royal Horse Guards housed at the site until 1931. The current park was built in 1931-33, according to the General Ordinance Plan of 1923. The designer was Aleksandar Krstić, a pioneer of modern landscape architecture. The park is one of the few green areas within the city, built between the World wars in the classical style. With two diagonal pathways, the park also functions as a significant corridor of pedestrian traffic. The park has an area of 26,457 sq m and a total of 253 trees of varying vitality. It accommodates several important sculptures, both commemorative and decorative”

the sculptures of mањеж are the real feature of this post…the background notes below…

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