Lugnaquilla Mnt – Winter 2012

Pawel Pentlinowski Photography

       Maybe I should start this post to explain that Ireland is not a favorable place for people who would love to enjoy a proper winter. As I was growing up in Poland where the winter time could really show its teeth sometimes.  Living here it’s kind of one season for all the year 🙂 Anyway as a passionate outdoor person, I take my chances and I try to take every given opportunity what this magical island has to offer. Last week as the temperature dropped below zero in highlands and the snow lingered up high I packed my backpack and headed to Wicklow Mountains.  After I got to above certain altitude the conditions were worsening with every meter gained but it didn’t scare me as I always repeat to myself “It could be worse” 🙂

  Soon I discovered I wasn’t there on my own which actually cheered…

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