Who would’ve thought art is scribble?


As many of you know in New York City you can go just about anywhere to find any type of art that is to your appeal. Last Saturday I so happened to have the chance to visit some of the many galleries located in the lower east side. This particular gallery had stood out to me the Charles bank gallery located in 196 Bowery New York, NY 10012. It did include many artist auctioning off their pieces of art but the paintings that captivated me the most was from this Swedish artist Pär Strömberg. Born in 1972 in Örebro, Sweden and is currently teaching painting at Örebro College of Art, Sweden.

Since 1996 Pär Strömberg was inspired to paint about Sweden’s landscape as to relive its inner beauty from all types of perspectives. Something that caught my attention in his bio page was when he mentioned what painting meant…

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