The lantern

Davide Capponi photography

This is an old lantern. This has been shot with my iPhone 3gs. The app used to shot the image was HDR Pro, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using Dynamic Light and Pic Grunger.

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Dead Trees on Longboat Key

Romancing Reality

February 7, 2012

Nearby Longboat Key has a couple of public-access spots on the beach. One of them—Janet’s and my favorite—has been closed for two years. Sunday Janet suggested we check on it. We were happy to find it open again after beach augmentation and road repair. This place is appealing mostly because along the water northward from the access point is an area of dead trees, bleached by the sun and stranded in the sand. Apparently the water once came further inland at this point, because many of the trees are old mangroves, which only grow at the shoreline. At another time the water must have stopped quite a bit further out, because some of the taller trees near and even in the water look like pines, or at least Australian pines, and these trees don’t grow in the water as mangroves do. (The invasive Australian pine, Casuarina…

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Blue morning

Florida Behind the Scenes

Every memory begins with water.  From our beginning, we are surrounded by water.  Our first sound is that of waves as our mothers move around with us tucked inside.  Is it any wonder then that when we are feeling in need of comfort, we so often seek water?  This morning was that kind of a morning for me; I wanted the comfort that water can provide.  I headed down to Palm Point Park on Newnans Lake to find my comfort.

Of course, water isn’t the only thing that provides comfort.  Walking under majestic oak trees always has the power to sooth as well.  Knowing that this short trail would lead to a lake rather than to a barbecue at Twelve Oaks made it even better.  Not that I am opposed to barbecues at beautiful houses, but I would have been woefully underdressed for such a thing today.

Gray skies that…

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