Mt Field


So. Long time. Very bad me. Very very bad.

Suffice to say, things are going great. We bought a house, we are working on its garden and other stuff. Work is fun and challenging, Susie has a new job, we have kittens! (pics and post later) and I’m writing a blog post. Shock horror.

Now the house stuff is starting to calm down and we feel (more) confident leaving our kittens alone, we have started to venture out to explore this amazing state we have decided to call home.

I’d heard about Mt Field national park before. It is approx 80km north west of Hobart, a good hours drive depending of traffic and bakery stops. You start by driving through the scenic town of New Norfolk, then continue through Bushy Park (home of most of the hops grown in Australia) then onwards to Mt Field.

myWPEdit Image

We paid up (actually…

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Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 2/12/12

Gloria Oliver

Okay let’s see what I have for you this week…


Last few pics before we left Alderaan.




Wind power for the win! 🙂



Some non-aggressive life forms



So scenic, so calming. You wouldn’t know all the infighting going on from this view.



Nice rocky arch. 🙂




Next mission in the class quest sent me back to Tatooine. There’s just something about the sky here. Oh and the evil balloon too!



Never saw these cool cliff side dwellings the first time through this planet. Bad tourist!



Nar Shaddaa.




On my Imperial Spy side, got sent off to Nar Shaddaa. Now I am seeing this planet from the Imperial side. (Also came here before I was supposed to. Not sure how I got a quest to come here when I was supposed to…

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43*365 layers of ice on a beam of a bridge

h2o by Joanna

I drove by a bridge today and had to stop to make some pictures, at home I found this photo the most interesting allthough I find it a bit grainy, don’t know what I should have done to make it better, and didn’t have the time to go back… Still want to share it with you:

I like the layers of ice on the beam and the reflection of them into the water and as it will probably the last ‘real freezing’ day here, I thought it must be an icy photo today!

UPDATE: After a few comments Melanie advised me to make a square crop and she was curious how it would look like… therefore I edited it to a square photograph and here’s the result…. I have to agree: without the bolt and the screw the attention is there where it should be; thanks Melanie.  Allthough a bit of Photoshop will do as…

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