43*365 layers of ice on a beam of a bridge

h2o by Joanna

I drove by a bridge today and had to stop to make some pictures, at home I found this photo the most interesting allthough I find it a bit grainy, don’t know what I should have done to make it better, and didn’t have the time to go back… Still want to share it with you:

I like the layers of ice on the beam and the reflection of them into the water and as it will probably the last ‘real freezing’ day here, I thought it must be an icy photo today!

UPDATE: After a few comments Melanie advised me to make a square crop and she was curious how it would look like… therefore I edited it to a square photograph and here’s the result…. I have to agree: without the bolt and the screw the attention is there where it should be; thanks Melanie.  Allthough a bit of Photoshop will do as…

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