Virtual Tourist – Star Wars The Old Republic 2/12/12

Gloria Oliver

Okay let’s see what I have for you this week…


Last few pics before we left Alderaan.




Wind power for the win! 🙂



Some non-aggressive life forms



So scenic, so calming. You wouldn’t know all the infighting going on from this view.



Nice rocky arch. 🙂




Next mission in the class quest sent me back to Tatooine. There’s just something about the sky here. Oh and the evil balloon too!



Never saw these cool cliff side dwellings the first time through this planet. Bad tourist!



Nar Shaddaa.




On my Imperial Spy side, got sent off to Nar Shaddaa. Now I am seeing this planet from the Imperial side. (Also came here before I was supposed to. Not sure how I got a quest to come here when I was supposed to…

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