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The Heart’s a Wonder

Mary Dillon

St. Valentines Day, a day for love, or maybe just another commercial opportunity, or in our kitchen, an excuse to make heart- shaped cookies, – different strokes for different folks! However,  on this day of days, may I encourage you to spare a thought for that incredibly resilient, persistent, yet sometimes fragile machine that keeps us going through each day. The HEART – indeed a wonder!

In all it’s complexity, the heart encompasses the best of every aspect of us and unfortunately tells the story of our frailties just as readily, as I can well attest to.


This link is well worth looking at for all the information you will need to keep your heart as happy and healthy as can be.

Heart Amaryllis – watercolour on paper

In 2000, I held my first exhibition as a full time artist as part of Kilkenny Arts Festival. ‘At the Heart’ was…

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Daily Painting, “Cautious Step,” woman in urban scene

Carolee S. Clark, Painter

“Cautious Step”   sold
by Carolee Clark
10″ x 10″
acrylic on wrapped canvas

One of my delightful blog followers (thank you!) said she enjoyed seeing my little sketches that I do to plan a painting.  So I will try and post more of my sketches, although I put in a caveat that they are not works of art  🙂 

I want to thank all of you who are “liking” my posts too.  I delight in seeing those likes!

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