Essences of Space: Peri Schwartz

Artsy Forager

Life just gets so complicated, doesn’t it?  We are constantly bombarded with imagery and information, it’s a wonder our brains can keep up!  What I love most about the work of New York artist, Peri Schwartz is her way of seeming to keep things simple in such a complicated world.

Using simple swathes of bold color, she distills objects and spaces into their purest planes and forms.  We are no longer caught up in minute, mind-numbing detail, but instead, can enjoy her worlds for the lively, colorful spaces they are.

She uses perspective to great advantage, as it is directs us and gives our too often over-saturated brains a bit of a rest.. sort of just gently pulling us along so that we know just what we are seeing before we even realize we are seeing it. 😉

The peek-a-boo quality of the lines and grids give a hint that…

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