“Soothing Sunset” by: Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery

16 x 20 Original Oil Painting

This soothing sunset dances its brilliant colors over the mountains calming them to sleep. The soft yellows and crimsons calm the mind.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece for your collection please drop us a note and we can discuss shipping and framing if desired.

Thank  you so much for admiring our art!

Artist: Ellen

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Drawing: Southern Queen of Sheba Orchid in Oil pastels (WIP#2)

Mississhippi's Madness

I haven’t been doing much creating of late – had a cold, as did my daughter, so I’ve been out of action.

But… today I have revisited an oil pastel I started a few weeks ago. It’s not finished yet, but it is almost done. Another half an hour or so should see it finished.

I’m pretty happy with the way this is working so far. As I haven’t worked with oil pastels on the Canson Mi-Teintes TEX surface before, it is really interesting to see how the oil pastels go onto the support. A bit more blending and some final details and I’ll call this done.

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Conflicting thoughts

Walking the Druid Path

This blog is about walking the druid path so how does this heading fit in with that. So a bit of life history here first, I think. I have always painted having taken Art at school in the 1950’s. Since then I have gone to a few art groups where there has been some kind of teaching but I have always painted how and what I like. I started with oils in the late 1960’s when I had a boyfriend who was an art student. He taught me a lot about technique and still inspires me with his current works.

My main paintings are landscapes, mostly of mountains, lakes, the sea and sunsets. The mountains for me are spiritual places and in my paintings there is much that the ordinary observer will not see. Nearly all of my paintings of landscapes have ways of drawing you in to the picture.

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