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Sometimes you see or pass the same things everyday you don’t even look twice or regard them totally unattractive, even boring,  to be used as your object for photo of the day project. But it got me thinking. Sometimes I saw some really nice photographs which has ordinary things as their objects. What I meant was, sometimes the objects in these spectacular photographs are the things that you and I see or even use every day. It’s just out of the cleverness of the photographers that we can ‘see’ these normal/unusual/boring object in a totally different way, unexpected way. I hope to be that clever one day, to be able to see things in a not so ordinary way.  Just to get a different perspective on things, you know.

My post today was a photo of the street light in front of my house. I remember I didn’t have a…

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Lots of new designs and a sick cat.


We have been very busy creating lots of new machine embroidery designs for the website and these are now available. There is a range of things including some more ‘crazy’ animals, some sports designs and a couple of decorative designs. I love this gorgeous wolf . He would look great stitched on a jacket. This sporty design is ideal on a gift for any sport mad person. Check out the website for what else is new.

We have had a very stressful few days due to our lovely cat Cajun being seriously ill. It all started with him needing a dental extraction on Monday, for which cats have to be anaesthetised. That went fine. On Tuesday morning at home he seemed much brighter and was eating a bit. We had no inkling of the drama to come!

Mid afternoon we suddenly noticed he was struggling to breathe. Very quickly it…

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