Into The Fog.

What I See Right Now.

I stepped outside last night at about 8pm and to my giddy and joyful surprise I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of me.  The deliciously dreary day morphed once again into an incredibly foggy night.  I have been waiting for a night like this.  There are a few good vantage points that over look various parts of Richmond and I tried to hit most of them before the fog lifted…which it didn’t.  In fact it got thicker as the hours passed.  So thick that I wasn’t able to see well enough to get any shots of Brown’s Island (in the photo in the link notice the arched bridge…it along with everything else was completely invisible). Visibility was next to zero so I went for higher ground and ended up at 5 different locations.  I thought about making separate posts for each location and decided I’d rather include all locations and…

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