Why my Workshop(s) will Accelerate your Photography

Mastering Nature Photography

Hi folks,

As you know I’ve really been pushing my workshops lately. The thing(s) that really set my workshops apart from other photographic workshops, such as my upcoming Death Valley workshop, is that I really work with each participant in the class to increase their photographic skill and knowledge.  Not only do we go to amazing locations such as Death Valley National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and New England in the Fall for my workshops, I work with the class as a whole and each individual to improve their composition, to understand depth of field and why different compositions may require different depths of field.

We also focus heavily on filter usage, and particularly using ND filters, ND grads, and polarizer to create the photograph we want, while keeping post processing to a minimum.

You can take the skills you learn during one of my workshops…

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