Calamity Valentine ft. Miss Tutu.

A roadtrip across beauty.

We all have that annoying supermodel friend. Well, at least, my sister does. So this totally hatable Malina, aside from being taller than me (and THAT’S something) and god damn beautiful, has a kick-ass style, that you can see here :
So we decided to make some kind of assocation with what we both do best : She dresses and I draw. At first we intended to make several drawings but as I set her and my dear sister in a very complicated position, and Malina had taken a dress with patterns on it (I mean, seriously. Why so complicated?!) we just did just one. But I’m quite happy with it… And with the whole afternoon actually.
Thanks to Malina and Alice for their incredible patience (I forgive you for the tons of complains and how you kept moving the exact part of the body I told you to…

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