Recent illogical thinking.

Draw You, Draw Me

If you’ll recall the piece in this past post: Bus Stop, the above is the same idea redone (hopefully) better. That was my intent anyways. I wanted to explore the idea of illogical thinking in a world where people go to extreme means to ignore their problems rather than dealing with them directly (i.e. getting rid of the baggage or moving to another seat).

Or something.

Speaking of illogical things, I finally set up my Behance profile: [happily sitting here]

It’s a little bare and anti-climatic currently, much like my creative career. But, I have no direction to go except up and away from here, I suppose.

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Hand in Glove

Nonoy Manga

Original Drawing, Hand Drawn. Equipment used in the drawing. Mongol Pencil, Bond Paper, Scanner, then I color and finish it with sketchbook pro.

My inspiration with these graphic art is the heroin Charlotte Ladram. in a superb thriller book by an English Author Robert Goddard. The book is a tour the force from the moment Beatrix open her first line. Up to the end. I have no option but to sketch up the Heroin. In an Anime form. To leave a lasting memory.

Book description

In her seaside cottage, Beatrix Abberley bravely confronts an intruder moments before her life is brutally taken. The crime stuns the elderly spinster’s family—especially Beatrix’s niece, Charlotte Ladram. But Charlotte has little time to mourn the loss of her beloved aunt and little patience when police quickly arrest a man Charlotte believes is innocent. For Charlotte, a harrowing quest for answers begins—one that will take…

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