Nice and Normal – Contemporary Wood Gate

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Here’s another of those Nice and Normal photographs. If you’d like, you can see the other images here.

This photo was taken in January, when I was out with my big lens, the 70-200mm f/2.8. It Is an utterly fantastic lens, but one I usually don’t just carry around. It’s heavy, and the way I shoot — those details — aren’t served with a lens like this. Plus, people tend to look at you differently when you have a huge lens on your camera; you’re not as invisible. And I like just to go about my business quietly.

Anyhow, this lens is just outstanding, and back in January, it had me finding a shot on a driveway gate that I walk by at least twice a week, but had never photographed before. The late day sun was hitting it nicely, and I liked the contemporary lines to it, so…

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Rothko by the Motorway


Motorway 4

I love when you find beauty in unlikely places. Diamonds in the rough.

Yesterday Ant and I took a purely functional walk to the shops to pick up a few grocery items. The quickest way for us to get there is to walk down the hill opposite our house and join the bicycle track that runs the length of the motorway. It’s not a particularly scenic walk, but without having to cross roads and deal with traffic lights, it’s the quickest way to get from A to B.

Although we’ve walked this route many times, it was on this occasion that I discovered something special. On the looming concrete walls separating us from the  traffic above I noticed how graffiti had been painted over, again and again, with a slightly different tone of paint each time – not quite matching the colour of the wall or any of the previous layers…

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Abstract Landscape

The Studio

Representational Abstract is a form of painting that combines the loose ease of abstract with art we recognize.  Even though we see the bright colors and long brush strokes in this work we can still see that it looks like a landscape scene.

This is some of the things we will explore on Saturday at the Art Workshop in Strasburg.  Join us for three hours of fun and learning.  Contact .

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Kaleidoscope Confetti: Kymm Swank

Artsy Forager

When I was taking studio classes in college, I had a thing for geometric shapes.  Collage project involving painted pieces of paper?  Mine were scenes made out of painted paper squares.  Once I mastered drawing the figure realistically, I had a complete blast simplifying my figures into geometric shapes and planes.  It seems that Los Angeles artist Kymm Swank has the same fondness for bright color and simple shapes, putting them together in a way that is downright intoxicating.

I am in love with the way Swank is using common linear shapes to create complex compositions full of light and movement.

There are any number of scenes these works may represent.. a cityscape at sunset, sunspots reflecting off a waterfall, looking down on busy city traffic, boats crowded together in a busy port, waves crashing upon a shore..

How about we change things up a little?  Instead of me telling…

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