Clouds are the enemy

The DownLouw

7 October 2006

I wander along a deserted, misty beach.

I search for some reason; meaning; wisdom; oxygen;

a conclusion that my stubbornly-beating heart must reach.

The dawn of each day attacks me like a violent pathogen:

devouring my rationality, logic and creativity;

not letting up at all, not giving me a moment’s chance to see

the path drawn open for me,

the path drawn so very wide open just for me.


Clouds scrum around me; they threaten my space;

I search for a happy song with which to chase

their angry faces from my mind,

and leave their harsh accusations far, far behind.


I ponder upon happy words – yet I never find the right ones.

Happy… what exactly is happiness?

We all speak of it, but do we truly know it?

I do not know its definition or its appearance.

I wonder if I ever shall.

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Elephants Can Be Orphans Too

Well Worn Soles

It’s true. Baby elephants get orphaned, just like humans. Mummy elephant could be killed or injured. Hell, maybe she could even disown the baby, leaving it in some sort of jungle dumpster. As a Biology graduate, I have no actual idea if that happens.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, located on the outskirts of Nairobi, has been established to rescue and raise these orphaned elephant kids. The babies live out in the park, under their carers constant supervision. The carers sleep with the elephants at night, to watch over and feed them, until they are old enough to get out and explore the world. Every day they come into the feeding centre for lunch. The feeding centre is on the edge of the Nairobi National Park. It’s also one of the few real tourist attractions in town. I have been twice, and both times found it overpopulated by people who…

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