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More from Reality Drips Series

Jill Joy Gallery

More paintings from from my series called Reality Drips, a contemplation on the malleable nature of reality.

How our  thoughts shape it. How it changes when we change.

Jill Joy – Aurora – oil on canvas – 48×48

Jill Joy – Loving D – oil on canvas – 54×44″

Jill Joy – The Mystery of Betrayal – oil and gold leaf on canvas – 35×60″

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Winter Trees

Kathleen Hendrick

I know I should be working on my canvas, and I plan to tomorrow.  Really!  However, today I worked on this piece that has been sitting on my easel for an awfully long time.  It started out as a work on aluminum foil that didn’t work.  Then I painted over it with black and called it Midnight Bloom.  Still, it didn’t seem right.  Eventually I applied white gesso over the surface.  Right around that time I also took pictures of the snow-covered trees outside my window.  I realized that the pictures rather resembled my piece.  So, after a full year (I told you it had been sitting for quite a while!) I sketched on trees in roughly the pattern that they appeared in my picture.  Then I put a wash of acrylic onto them.  It’s just a start but I am happy with the results already.  Now I have two…

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Copper path – Dark textured abstract canvas painting

Textured abstract art

Seeing as most of my work has been hard edged and bold in the past, I thought I would change my ways and see if I can go down the opposite path. I have always loved abstract paintings with plenty of depth and blending of various shades of colours, as they can sometimes produce some very interesting visual effects. I am so so pleased with this particular painting as it has turned out better than what I originally planned and this is the beauty of painting sometimes, especially abstract. There is no definitive finishing line, and there are no set boundaries. You can add layer upon layer of different shades until you personally feel it is the finished article.

I love the browns on this particular painting, as they look very mysterious and intriguing when they are mixed together. It’s a very dark earthy look, and this is the kind…

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