Quiet winter waterfront

the lazy photographer

Here’s another shot from the weekend. I did a lot of lightroom work to get it to look like this, actually. I’m really starting to see in my mind how I want a shot to look before I begin processing it. Sometimes I see it in the field, even. This shot was taken around mid-afternoon in the Toronto Beaches, facing west. It’s a really peaceful image without much going on, which I like. Hope you like it, too.

Had yet another really bad day at work because of my insomnia last night. Well, that and I stayed up an hour later than I should have. I sure hope I don’t end up getting sick because of it. I had to leave work early today I was so exhausted. I was actually concerned about how I would managed in rush hour traffic if I left at my regular time. My eyes…

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Tall tall buildings in wide angle

the lazy photographer

There’s nothing like an 11mm (18mm in full frame) perspective to give you some dramatic skyscraper shots. I took this one last April, actually. I only ran into it yesterday by accident. Seems I’d started editing that folder then moved on to another folder and forgot I wasn’t finished editing. Kind of like finding an unexpected prize in the bottom of your box of Cheerios.

So I made it out yesterday afternoon for a photo walk and a bite with my friend Paula. I was almost late for my sleep clinic. What a drag that was. I feel like yesterday was three days ago. I was lights out by 9:30 PM and they woke me up at 6:15 AM, which for normal sleepers would equate to over 8 1/2 hours sleep. If I was asleep more than three hours I’d be amazed. They didn’t tell me much. I’ve got to…

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the lazy photographer

Very unusual to be posting something in the morning of a work day. Typically I’d be like a third of the way through my day right now, yet I haven’t even left the house yet. It’s all I can do not to simply call in sick. The very last thing on my mind right now is work. On the plus side, I did manage to sleep in until just after 6:00 AM, which was nice. Been sitting around with my thumb up my ass with nothing to do ever since, though. Anyway, I snapped this shot yesterday afternoon during my outing with Vicki and Paul. I usually straighten these kinds of shots so the lines aren’t converging at the top, but I thought this looked more “fun,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. On my third shot a lady stepped out the front door. See her? Hope you like it and…

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The Department of Unnecessary Disruption showed up last night

the lazy photographer

The department of unnecessary disruption showed up last night. At my front door. Late. I was asleep. Alone. I heard them kick it in, the front door. I told myself not to be afraid.

Like the sureness of a setting sun and the promise of the night it holds on its breath, I knew this would come. They always come in the night, the department of unnecessary disruption. Although, no one talks about it, except for the odd rumour that floats on lips while darting eyes dart. We all know the number of our days.

But no one wants to give life to the thought. Keep it in and it might remain a dream. Words breathe life into ghosts best left in doubt, in dark shadows. In no ambiguous terms: keep your mouth shut to it.

The days prior to the night the department of unnecessary disruption showed up were…

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