Tall tall buildings in wide angle

the lazy photographer

There’s nothing like an 11mm (18mm in full frame) perspective to give you some dramatic skyscraper shots. I took this one last April, actually. I only ran into it yesterday by accident. Seems I’d started editing that folder then moved on to another folder and forgot I wasn’t finished editing. Kind of like finding an unexpected prize in the bottom of your box of Cheerios.

So I made it out yesterday afternoon for a photo walk and a bite with my friend Paula. I was almost late for my sleep clinic. What a drag that was. I feel like yesterday was three days ago. I was lights out by 9:30 PM and they woke me up at 6:15 AM, which for normal sleepers would equate to over 8 1/2 hours sleep. If I was asleep more than three hours I’d be amazed. They didn’t tell me much. I’ve got to…

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