in and out of Stuyvesant Square


Stuyvesant Park and its immediate area is one my favorite places in midtown NYC.

PS Sometimes I just try too hard…



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Matt Lipps @ Josh Lilley

Watching dry paint.

Matt Lipps @ Josh Lilley

Appropriation. They call them Mash ups now. Not a millisecond goes by now without a member of the public uploading one to youtube, or icanhascheesburger or whatever website.  Everyman and his dog is now equipped with i-movie and photoshop and by god nothing will stop them humorously re-editing a hollywood film or dubbing someones home movie of a kitten to a Rick Astley song.

I’m of the opinion that Steve jobs has got a lot to answer for.

Right, anyway.

Appropriation worked brilliantly well for Warhol and Hamilton. But now the serious contemporary artist has to approach the technique of appropriation quite carefully. It’s normally under the guise of art history or cultural preservation. They carefully select, refashion and recycle their source imagery to create what seems to be an entirely new artwork with enough of a nod to the original to suggest academic endeavour…

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“Trust me I trust you” by Mihael Giba


Mihael Giba is a Croatian intermedia artist, who is presenting the first solo exhibition of his work in Slovenia between 9 – 28 March 2012 at P74 Gallery in Ljubljana.

“The exhibition TRUST ME I TRUST YOU presents an installation of this same name, which is composed of a series of five artist books with the same formal character and elegance as the artist’s conceptual poetry(…) The artist’s chosen mode of mapping derives from his desire to create a dialogue between the state and its citizens that is as direct as possible. Through the visualization of data, he moves from the concrete to the abstract only to return again to the concrete. Such movement Lev Manovich has described as the real challenge of data art, which, he says, “is not about how to map some abstract and impersonal data into something meaningful and beautiful” but rather “how to represent the…

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A Sweet And Practical Man

Currado Malaspina: Artist/Lover

It was just that sort of unabashed enthusiasm that attracted me to Currado. Quoting Cioran, he said enthusiasm made him “opaque to death.” In fact, Currado was always quoting somebody and usually it was somebody I had heard of, should have read but never had. His intimacy with the world of ideas was both a severe intellectual reproach and a powerful source of inspiration. He was never pedantic, just matter of fact. When I visited his studio for the first time and saw the beginnings of his “Labor Of Memory” series, I was astonished by the fact that his work was known only to other painters, a few well respected critics and an odd number of European collectors. I asked him how he explained his relative obscurity and without the slightest trace of bitterness or sarcasm he cited Trollope as saying that “success is a necessary misfortune … but it…

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Great Modern Artwork by Local Artists

The Renovation Diaries

I escaped out of work early the other day to dash up to the shade store before it closed so we could finalize our big formal window blind requirements when I found myself being drawn into Zinc Details, a local store/showroom/creative space that features the very best in modern design. Its a great place to buy gifts, unique things for the home or just browse through and get inspired by but what really caught my eye was the fabulous art they had on display – all of which was done by local artists.

I LOVE this modern take on the painted ladies by  Michael Murphy

And this one by Annie Galvin

And finally this one also by Annie Galvin.

Bay Area folks –  I highly recommend checking out the design area of Fillmore street  in SF and in particular this store.

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Lacer/actions – Images Of Torn (publi)City




(My Clear Blood’s Jet)



L’effroyable atteint  l’infortune

La souffrance altère toutes les choses


J’ai mal


Le cœur se déchire

Le jet de mon sang clair

Nourrit le parchemin de ma mission




Aurons-nous la chance d’éjaculer

Notre libre arbitre


Nos choix 


Hommes natures  écoutez- moi


Dans la couleur projetée


Se tient l’anneau  promesse

D’une vie  nouvelle



Je l’ai peint  avec amour immense de  toute mon âme  au sang  clair


© Poem Copyright Purusha Hontoy

© Artwork Copyright Roberto Alborghetti



Purusha Hontoy est une amie des arts de la vie.

Diretrice et Formatrice chez l’Ecole l’Art de Vivre.



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