A Sweet And Practical Man

Currado Malaspina: Artist/Lover

It was just that sort of unabashed enthusiasm that attracted me to Currado. Quoting Cioran, he said enthusiasm made him “opaque to death.” In fact, Currado was always quoting somebody and usually it was somebody I had heard of, should have read but never had. His intimacy with the world of ideas was both a severe intellectual reproach and a powerful source of inspiration. He was never pedantic, just matter of fact. When I visited his studio for the first time and saw the beginnings of his “Labor Of Memory” series, I was astonished by the fact that his work was known only to other painters, a few well respected critics and an odd number of European collectors. I asked him how he explained his relative obscurity and without the slightest trace of bitterness or sarcasm he cited Trollope as saying that “success is a necessary misfortune … but it…

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