Berlin on fire – an HDR photo

Martin Soler Photography

I just got back from Berlin, was there for work reasons and didn’t do any shooting this time. But last time I was there with the family I took a few pics and I figured now is a great time to share one of them.

I took this shot handheld from the restaurant at the top of Galeria Kaufhof on Alexander Platz in Berlin. It’s an HDR photo of three shots that I edited in Lightroom, Photomatix and Topaz. Technically the shot isn’t quite right since it’s blurry and has some window reflections as I was inside when I shot it. However it’s more of an artistic shot than a technical shot.

As I was grabbing a bite up on the top floor of the shopping mall it was hailing and the dark clouds were over us. However the sun was still shining through on the horizon and it really…

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