Day 39 photo- Stairs

So now that I’ve been doing this photo-a-day project for over a month, I’m starting to have some opinions and thoughts about it.

One thing I find difficult is that it is all so scattered… it’s just whatever catches my eye day-to-day. While that concept has it’s pluses, I find it to lack structure and so it leaves me all over the place, with no focus.

So I want to start adding a little bit of structure to this for awhile to see if I like it better. I thought I’d have a “weekly theme”, such as “people” or “places”, or even more abstract themes like “things that are red” or even “things that are ridiculous”.  This will hopefully give me a direction to start in, and see where it takes me. I also want to reserve the right to not do the theme at all, if I run across…

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The Night Sky Over Brooklyn

Mike Schultz Studio Blog

Recently, I was commissioned to illustrate a passage of a beautiful short story, written by the patron’s sister. Pictured below is the finished artwork, with the Aquarius constellation in the sky.

For this piece, I made several preliminary drawings, both physical and digital, to work out the composition and desired color palette.  I especially enjoyed including the Williamsburg Savings Bank Building to the skyline, as when I lived in Brooklyn, it was the grandiose centerpiece out my living room window.

Pictured below, two detail shots of the finished piece to show the texture of the gouache.


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Chthonic is a nice word.

Travels With Gloria

Did you ever think, “I want to go to there!” and then realize that you’d already been there? And that it was every bit as amazing as it looked in the picture?

This is the Basilica Cistern, in Istanbul (which was Constantinople when this engraving was made!). It’s an underground water… uh, cistern… that was created so that Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul would be impervious to siege tactics. Seriously, the city stored years worth of food and water and encouraged all Constantinopelians* to do the same, so that if there were ever attacks on the city, they could simply outlast their attackers. This actually worked, and is part of why Istanbul is such an old city that it’s had three different names so far.

No longer used to store water, the cistern is so impressive that it’s become a tourist trap very popular with visitors to Istanbul. Which is fine, because seriously, this…

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