Day 39 photo- Stairs

So now that I’ve been doing this photo-a-day project for over a month, I’m starting to have some opinions and thoughts about it.

One thing I find difficult is that it is all so scattered… it’s just whatever catches my eye day-to-day. While that concept has it’s pluses, I find it to lack structure and so it leaves me all over the place, with no focus.

So I want to start adding a little bit of structure to this for awhile to see if I like it better. I thought I’d have a “weekly theme”, such as “people” or “places”, or even more abstract themes like “things that are red” or even “things that are ridiculous”.  This will hopefully give me a direction to start in, and see where it takes me. I also want to reserve the right to not do the theme at all, if I run across…

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2 responses to “Day 39 photo- Stairs

  1. I tried everyday and came to the same conclusion. Then everyday was too much so I don’t do the weekends. I have a weekly theme that naturally leads to the next weeks theme. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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