Last week I discovered the little gem that is Whitby on the North East coast. The fantastic little seaside town (where dracula was written) and now become my favourite place. I’ve just got round to editing the photos and this one is my favourite so far

Shortly after I walked through the streets of Whitby only to discover a neat little gallery called Whitby Galleries. They had some fantastic prints and naturally one caught my eye. It was one of those moments when you see something and instantly like it but you have no idea why haha. I just had to have it! It a very petite print and one that I know many will look at and think, “is that it?” But from the second I seen it, I had to have it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂 (the print is made by…

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stuart allan hyde ______

Regular visitors to these pages will know that occasionally, when I’m really stuck for time, and haven’t got a clue what to shoot, and have exhausted the archives, I’ll try to break the block by setting myself a challenge.

Today was such a day. Busy, busy, busy, and no shots in the blog bank.

The challenge was:   Drive for a maximum of twenty minutes to a single location, stay in sight of the car and get five shots worth posting that would work under the title of  ‘Texture Square’. ( I decided on this after having another look at the lead image on the March 12 post ).

I left without having a clue where I was going but after fifteen minutes or so pulled into a lay-by at the side of the river Stour, somewhere a little west of Kinswinford. An old shed, a bridge, a river wall (and…

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Discover pinhole photography

susie loves photography

Wishing Trees pinhole image

The Wishing Trees
image ⓒ SWS

I love pinhole photography – it’s easy and such fun!

In fact, the above photograph’s one of my first attempts with a pinhole camera… but what exactly is a pinhole camera, you may ask?

A pinhole camera is a camera without a conventional glass lens. Instead, an extremely small hole in a thin material is used to focus light rays from an object onto light-sensitive paper or film.

The shutter of a pinhole camera usually consists of a manually-operated flap that covers the pinhole. There’s no viewfinder, and the ideal exposure is a bit of an experiemental guessing game – just part of what makes pinhole photography such fun!

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Davide Capponi photography

This is a traditional hot drink from  Torino called bicerin (‘small glass’ in the local dialect). One third coffee, one third chocolate. one third fresh cream, served layered. This has been shot with my iPhone 4s.

The app used to shot the image was HDR Pro, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger and PhotoToaster.

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