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Bass Harbor Head Light in Bass Harbor, Maine. The history of Bass Harbor Head Light started in 1855 when it was deemed that there was sufficient reason for a lighthouse at the mouth of Bass Harbor. $5,000 was appropriated by Congress for its construction in 1858. The construction of a fog bell and tower, which no longer remains today, was completed in 1876 with a much larger 4,000 pound bell being placed inside the tower in 1898. The keeper’s house remains in its original configuration with the exception of a 10-foot addition that was added in 1900. The lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places as Bass Harbor Head Light Station on January 21, 1988.

© Mark Routt 2012

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Why make abstract paintings? Never give up…

Hue Bliss: Color & Art notes by Karen Gillis Taylor

I have not created many paintings that had a subject people might have to really search for. If I didn’t name this one, Abstract City, would people be scratching their heads, wishing for an explanation?

I worked on two of these paintings at the same time, same size. I won’t even show the other one. It gave me FITS! and I still have yet to give it one last chance!

But this one I really like.

April is coming on, and I had been thinking about the colors of Spring rain in cities for quite a while; how do I explore that? Now I realize, this is exactly that, it finally came out of me one day! I’m going to rename it, The Color of Rain in April. Epiphany! Little painting, you have a better name.

There’s really no other explanation needed for this abstract painting. It’s not a real…

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Abstraction and Patrick Heron and Francis Bacon and me

Roger Gregory

Patrick Heron

I went along to the Birmingham Art Gallery recently and they had a room full of new paintings, two stood out the crowd and they were the works of Francis Bacon and Patrick Heron. Some would say these artists are opposite sides of the same coin. The fact, in life they had neighbouring studios during their St Ives period. It is great to see their paintings hanging very close to each other.  Heron’s picture called “Porthmeor ” was executed when he was 50 years old, really grabbed my attention, it was an image which for me provoked a thoughtfulness, I spent quiet some time trying to understand his process and appreciate the art work fully.

Francis Bacon

Figures in a landscape by Bacon 1956, this picture was behing glass, so there’ s a problem with reflections but I’m sure you’ll get a fair view of his work. This painting…

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