Why make abstract paintings? Never give up…

Hue Bliss: Color & Art notes by Karen Gillis Taylor

I have not created many paintings that had a subject people might have to really search for. If I didn’t name this one, Abstract City, would people be scratching their heads, wishing for an explanation?

I worked on two of these paintings at the same time, same size. I won’t even show the other one. It gave me FITS! and I still have yet to give it one last chance!

But this one I really like.

April is coming on, and I had been thinking about the colors of Spring rain in cities for quite a while; how do I explore that? Now I realize, this is exactly that, it finally came out of me one day! I’m going to rename it, The Color of Rain in April. Epiphany! Little painting, you have a better name.

There’s really no other explanation needed for this abstract painting. It’s not a real…

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