Shadows and Reflections

CA del Rosario

Shadows and Reflections — they are welcome reminders of the sun during these lingering days of winter here in Seattle, where snow is drifting down outside my window right now. Three of my photographs from sunnier places (Mexico, New Mexico and Spain) will be featured in this upcoming show, curated by artist June Sekiguchi, at Ida Culver House – Broadview, March 21st to July 16th. If you’re in town and want to attend the opening reception on March 21st, 4:30-6:30 pm, please RSVP by March 19th at 206-204-5408.

I’m honored that June selected one of my favorite photographs to promote the show. I remember practicing this technique, over and over again as I wandered the streets of Guanajuato, until I finally got it right with this one.

Other artists featured in this show are former classmates Laura Brodax and Stan Raucher, as well as Aaron Asis, Deanne Belinoff, Lori…

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Art of the Power of Green Earth


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Our mother Nature, alternatively called Earth is a beautiful silent and sometimes a violent place that hides inspiration inside of it. We want to share with you some dreamy images that will make your heart and mind calm a bit and give you power and will to visit same landscape destinations. Earth is our treasure,our girl,our woman. We must look after “her” and believe us,will come a time that all winds and sun shines gonna work for us. For other people, Earth is like a child that needs care and for … Read more


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Portfolio #6

Camera Girl

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all! Though I am not fully Irish, my family is a mix of United Kingdom and Irish heritage which I am all very proud of. Today, I’m rocking my favorite rugby jersey: the Green O2 Irish Jersey.

I need to wear it more often.

As well, I got my Irish Playlist ready to go: The Chieftains, Flogging Molly, The soundtrack to Lord of the Dance (which I absolutely love ever since I was 5), the soundtrack to Riverdance, The Corrs, U2, Enya. I admit, I don’t listen to them as much as I should, but traditional and modern celtic music are my favorite genres of music.

Today’s photo comes from none other than Ireland itself. I didn’t really notice at the time, but when we were touring through, my mother told me that I looked incredibly Irish.


I really love this photo: just how bright…

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Follow the Sun

a poem without words

It has been awhile since I have focused on sunflowers. I truly do love them. But I had quite a bit of trouble with this one though, I couldn’t seem to get it the way I wanted. I can’t tell you how many times I painted over and over what I had originally. Sometimes I think I need to put the painting away (or in a frame) to prevent me from continuing to paint on it. I have trouble leaving it when it isn’t exactly right.

But, I do like the imperfections. It is so much less fun when it is perfect. When I told my mentor about this problem (I am def type a fyi) she just told me to put the painting away and start a new one. You can always paint the same thing again. Do it differently. Even with the paintings that I like but want…

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