Gorse Fire II


Unfinished acrylic painting of a gorse fire

Gorse fire number two: the sequel.  Fire at night: try to take a good photo of it, you cant! (some photographers may disagree) well you cant get it in anywhere near what the human eye will perceive. The contrast between the fire and the surroundings will always be too great, I know some people will argue HDR photography (high dynamic range, see here for an explanation:http://mansurovs.com/hdr-photography-tutorial )  could capture it,  but the smoke and the flames are constantly changing  so good luck sticking those different exposures together in any cohesive form. Now I may have been overly long winded in setting this  up but this is one of the few instances  where  a moment in time is better captured by the creativity of an artist rather than by mechanical  or digital means. Will my interpretation of a night fire scene be more accurate that a photograph,  probably not but if I do my…

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