Anza-Borrego one of the most beautiful places I have ever been…

Aaron Graubart

For my birthday my beautiful girlfriend took me here. Wow. Thank you Arija, what an amazing place. What a thoughtful and fantastic birthday present…

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Lineman For The County


Saturday after the parade, storms just kept rolling into town. Sometime in the PM, our back property-line neighbor, Karen, lost another tree. She had lost her first tree, February of last year, when we lost our big Norwegian Spruce. That storm downed half-a-dozen trees in the neighborhood.

Yesterday afternoon, we had gone out for lunch and some shopping, so it wasn’t until dusk that Anne looked out the back window and saw the fallen tree. Fortunately, it missed both Karen’s and her crazy neighbor’s houses. It fell across Karen’s fence, but did only minimal damage to it. I guess the tree must be vaulted over the fence or cantilevered somehow. It will be tricky to take down.

Around ten last night, the power company showed up to reconnect Karen’s power. The tree had fallen across the wire. The photo of the lineman turned out pretty good, if I do say…

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