America 2011 Part 2


Just WOW!

It was also weird being able to look across the river into another country (hopefully I’ll get to visit the Canadian side of the falls one day)

The USA & Canada in one shot

Me and Helen on the viewing platform – technically half way between America & Canada

I have a thing about icicles!

The best part of the day was discovering the Hard Rock Cafe!

We were the only customers so we had full run of the gift shop and were chatting to the staff for hours (two of them were even going to the gig the following night!). I also discovered that you can have a Hard Rock Hurricane which caused much amusement since Hurricane is one of my favourite 30 Seconds To Mars songs!

I also love that you can keep the glasses so I now have Hurricane glasses from Niagara Falls, Rome and…

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Lazy Sunday Photography # 1

Grafixx Dsign

Every Sunday, we will post some awesome photographs for your inspiration, and most of the time, there will be a theme as well! this week we got a thing for vibrant colors. And as always, make sure to visit the Artists pages by clicking the picture! 🙂

we do not own this pictures, all rights are reserved to the rightful owners, click on the image to  get to their pages!

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Photographs That Revert Time

Gathering Moss while Wandering

These works by artist Chris Engman took me by surprise. Before I read the accompanying text, I assumed the work consisted of a mirror installed in a natural environment that was then photographed. In fact, they are composites of photographs inside of photographs.

I can’t find the piece above on his site, so no explanation or statement, but it’s my favorite because of the multi-dimension aspect.

The Meeting, 2004

Three Moments, 2009

Within this image are three highly labored records of moments, each a month apart, each isolated and made into physical objects. The result is meant to feel like a return to a place that may not seem to have changed, yet- since every instance of time and place is singular- it is perpetually and irrevocably being lost.

Transplant, 2005

This tree was photographed in western Washington in winter, reproduced as a large photograph, and relocated to a barren…

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